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Pro tools 11 download, the easiest way!

Posted by farang3@myway.com on December 9 2015, 18:07pm

Pro tools 11 free download

How to download Avid Pro tools 11 for free without paying?

There are many websites offering various version of Avid pro tools.I would say 99% of them doesnt work at all,those are just scam websites.Its hard to find a working version of Pro tools 11 wich is cracked.

Avid Pro tools and steinberg cubase are the hardest DAWs to crack.i have found a working copy of pro tools 11, but iam not sure if i should share the links here or link it to the source website.

These guys did a really good job and its free to download...i mean usually free two days ago every file was available for free,yesterday it required premium membership wich is around 13 bucks.well,thirteen dollars is no big deal for a working pro tools,but free is even better.

iam not sure why they change the settings,maybe their filehost require to do it?No idea..

They have 4 different version of Avid pro tools,9-10-11 and 12,i checked 10 and 11 and both works,but i think 12 is just the software without working crack.Downloading pro tools 12 without crack doesnt make much sense.If you pay for their service then you can get pro tools,Fl studio 12,cubase 7-8,Reason 7,Apple garageband,Logic Studio,Cakewalk sonar and many other stuffs for free.I managed to download 5 DAWs and 7 VST plugins a few days ago,everything works except one VST,its a pretty good ratio i think.i will wait a few more days and if its still not free i will upgrade and share the links with you guys here,of course for free!

Update: i found a site wich has a working version of Pro tools 11 and 12. I choosed 11 because its more stable and they basicly do the same, here is the link:

I hope it helps

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